Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Real Estate Experts & Coaches

Alex & Kathy Schuck

Alex and Kathy Schuck started investing in real estate in 2009 when they purchased their first property to rehab. They invest in single family houses in Essex and Middlesex counties in Massachusetts (north and west of Boston). They created their business, North Shore Real Estate Solutions, LLC in 2010 and have been in the business of buying, renovating, and selling rehabbed properties. Alex and Kathy joined FortuneBuilders as students in 2010 when they wanted to take their business to a new level by increasing the volume of deals. They then became coaches for FortuneBuilders in 2012. Alex holds a BS degree from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Communications. Prior to working in real estate investing, Alex was an advertising salesperson at several media/communications companies including a local radio station, a cable television company, and most recently ClearChannel Outdoor Advertising. Kathy has a BS degree from Babson College. She has worked in the advertising field at a Boston advertising agency, a software development company (where she worked with Kevin O’Leary from TV’s “Shark Tank”), and most recently at Bank of Boston (now part of Bank of America). Additionally, both Alex and Kathy have their Realtor licenses with eXp Realty. Alex and Kathy specialize in rehabbing single family houses but have done many other aspects of real estate investing such as short sale negotiation, private money lending, condo conversions, and new construction. They currently manage the Boston-area Mastery Facebook page and run the Boston FortuneBuilders Mastery Meet-up which meets once a month at different students’ projects. They are also frequent speakers at their local REIA meetings and presenters on many FortuneBuilders’ case studies.

Angela Gregg

Angela Gregg (aka “Coach Ange”) was a Mastery and Inner Circle students and has been a FortuneBuilders’ Live Group Coach since 2013. She, along with her husband, Coach Mike Gregg, own and operate Sturdy Foundations, Inc., their real estate business, which operates in Honolulu, HI and Colorado Springs, CO. She has served over 23 years in the United States Air Force and as a result has had the opportunity to invest both nationally and internationally. From her experience in the military and investing, Coach Ange knows the challenges and importance of organization when building a real estate business and working full time. With a BS in Psychology, MS in Human Resource Management, and an enthusiastic energy that is contagious, Angela has proven to be a great asset in her company as well as her coaching.

Barbara Bauer-Chen

Coach Barbara Bauer-Chen joined FortunBuilders in 2015, and has been a licensed real estate agent in Virginia since 2015. Coach Bauer-Chen and her husband are active investors and have rehabbed numerous properties and held over half of them as passive-income rental properties. She and her husband focus on rentals (single family, college rentals, and mixed-use commercial) but also enjoy doing rehabs. Coach Bauer-Chen loves the design phase and seeing what can be created when working with great contractors. Further, she’s skilled at negotiating “subject-to” and other creative deal purchase options. Most of the investments in her portfolio are located in the coastal Virginia area as she started investing there while her husband was active duty and stationed nearby. She and her husband have since moved to Wisconsin to be closer to family and have continued their real estate business there. Her first career was with the US Navy as an aviation hydraulics mechanic, master training specialist, and aerospace maintenance officer- primarily with P-3s and C-130s. Coach Bauer-Chen has lived in eight states within the US and also Japan.

Chad Tate

Coach Chad Tate is an investor, developer, and community business leader in Charlotte, NC. Prior to his real estate career, Coach Chad spent 15 years as a Human Resources leader for two Fortune 100 companies. He began investing in real estate with his mother and sister in 2009 with absolutely no real estate experience. After joining Mastery, they quickly found success in raising private money and rehabbing. Coach Chad eventually became a sought-after speaker and leader in his local REIA and even went on to represent the REIA in his local Chamber of Commerce. By 2011, Chad and his sister, Carie, were leading FortuneBuilders bus tours in his local market as well as speaking for FortuneBuilders and other national organizations. Coach Chad and his team currently focus on development and new construction in the semi-luxury segment within his local market while also building a passive income portfolio through rentals and notes. In 2016, Coach Chad became the co-owner of the award winning REIA where he met Than Merrill back in 2009 when he joined Mastery.

Chris Banks

Chris Banks has been investing in real estate since 2001 and has become more active since 2009 working wholesale and short sale deals. He’s worked with distressed home owners gaining their trust and confidence to direct them to helpful resources and guide them through the short sale process. Chris lives in the Washington, DC area and he’s been learning and working alongside real estate professionals Dan and Marcus of Helpful Investing since 2009 and he’s been a student of Fortune Builders since that timeframe. Chris started coaching in 2012 while working full-time as an IT professional and continues to find deals through patience and persistence.

Christina Macri

Christina has been in real estate since 1990, primarily acquire buy and hold properties. In 2002 she became a licensed real estate agent in California and New York. Since joining fortune builders in 2012 she has expanded her transactions to include wholesales , renovations , and passive income acquisitions. In 2013 she joined the coaching team at FB, she has experienced marketing on a budget and is focused on monetizing her marketing leads. One of her joys in coaching is educating investors and agents to work together. Throughout her life she has participated in equestrian events, everything from playing polo to working on a Kentucky Derby winner. Chris and her husband Lane ( FB coach Schloeder ) and their daughter spend the majority of the year in Northern California and summers in NewYork.

Craig Barton

Craig Barton is an experienced real estate investor in Tucson, Arizona with numerous real estate transactions completed. Craig uses buying, selling and holding strategies that include, wholesaling, rehabbing, subject-to, owner carry, lease options, rentals, manufactured home and land packages. He works primarily in the Tucson and Phoenix markets. Coach Craig joined FortuneBuilders in 2011 and started coaching in 2015. Prior to real estate investing, he had a successful career in sales and marketing and credits that experience to countless successful closes. Craig also hosts a real estate investment club with hundreds of members and counting. In his free time, he enjoys lifting weights, Bikram yoga and any other activity he thinks he is young enough to engage in. Craig’s known for spending too much time meditating and more time doing the opposite of meditating, watching football. He also likes sushi, short weekend trips and Vietnamese coffee, but has been trying to cut back. That’s not going so well…

David Fair

David Fair is co-owner of SELL NOW RGV, a one-stop solution for real estate investing in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Having grown up in a family owned retail clothing business, he was not only involved in the day-to-day operations of retail, but also oversaw store expansion and renovations. Directing the leasehold improvement finish-outs of several commercial retail spaces helped him to hone his design and construction skills. After leaving the retail business in 2000, he entered the field of residential contracting. One day while calling on a supplier, who happened to also be a real estate investor, the topic of estate investing came up. With that conversation a new passion was born. They soon created a partnership focusing on wholesaling and rehabs.Looking to fill a void in real estate education, David, his partner, and another local investor co-founded the Rio Grande Valley Real Estate Investors Club in late 2002. Currently, David is the past president and serves as a partner of the club.David, an expert networker, has done a little of everything. His primary fields involve subject to, owner financing, wholesale/wholetail, and rehab. He is also fluent in Spanish.David enjoys helping people understand that building a real estate business is achievable for anyone who wants it. It takes dedication and hard work, but that’s what entrepreneurship is all about. You can’t give up!

Dennis Cammack

Known by many in the company as the Ol’ Dawg, Dennis has been with FortuneBuilders for most of their history. Having started investing in real estate over 40 years ago, he initially rehabbed a couple dozen homes in the late 1970’s part time, loved the business and went into commercial real estate full time. Being successful in commercial land development led him to helping and teaching others good business techniques. Currently, the Ol’Dawg is moving into semi-retirement but still owns and operates his Commercial Mortgage business, owns two other small businesses and does considerable real estate and small business consulting. Being personally involved in over one billion dollars of commercial transactions and having consulted on even more than that gives him a broad perspective. Dennis has been coaching and working with FortuneBuilders’ students since 2009 and has personally worked with over 3,000 students. Additionally, Dennis has taught Economics and Business at the College/University level for 17 years and has started 11 small businesses outside of his real estate investing. His experience includes having been President of the Board of Trustees for a college, served on numerous community boards and foundations, is currently on the Planning Commission for his city, and has been actively involved with community Economic Development for over 30 years. He is competitive, loves sports, and is an accomplished woodworker. He is a man of faith and is currently helping build an $8M new church using many FortuneBuilders’ techniques.

Dennis Hoffman

Dennis Hoffman is a Certified Professional Performance Coach. Coach Dennis has been a licensed real estate agent in Colorado for 16 years and has worked with investors for 12 years. Coach Dennis is a graduate Mastery Student and Inner Circle member. He has served as a managing broker in 2 offices and is on faculty of the nation’s largest real estate franchise. He and his team have done over $35 million in transactions as an agent and investor. Coach Dennis was named the Coaching “Rookie of the Year” for 2014 from FortuneBuilders and was also part of the Coaching Team of the Year in 2014. In 2015 he received, Most “Exceeded Expectations” in Student feedbacks.

Dorian Green

Dorian Green joined the FortuneBuilders family with his wife, Mandi Green, in 2012. After becoming a Mastery student graduate and applying FortuneBuilders’s systems and resources, Coach Dorian started by doing several residential renovation projects and wholesale deals while living in Aurora, CO. He has since expanded his business to his hometown, Cleveland, OH, where his intention is to help revitalize his native home. In his pursuits in Cleveland so far, Coach Dorian has successfully completed residential redevelopments, wholesale deals and has acquired rental properties. Dorian’s mission is to “Change Lives One Key At A Time” and his vision is to “Free Others As He Frees Himself.” His vision started with neighborhoods and assisting people with housing troubles and has now expanded to becoming a FortuneBuilders’ coach to guide fellow Mastery students.

Eddie Bodkin

Eddie is an active real estate investor and affiliate broker in Chattanooga, TN. He was previously employed as a health care professional and decided to switch careers due to the lack of opportunity and increased volatility of the health care industry. This led him to search for a profession where he could put his people skills to practice and position himself for financial success. His real estate journey began in 2009 when he started out as a short sale negotiator and wholesaler. Since that time, Eddie has expanded his company, Rock Solid Real Estate LLC, into multiple areas of real estate. His experience includes wholesaling, rehabbing, short sales, foreclosures, probate, turn key rentals, and raising private money. Eddie has overcome many obstacles since joining Mastery and wants to help other people do the same.

Erica May

Erica May is co-owner of CTM Investment Group and started her real estate career in 2007. In 2008 she moved to Columbia, SC and made real estate investing her full time job. Erica became a part of Fortune Builders in 2011. She has done numerous real estate transactions and her knowledge of real estate is in mobile homes/mobile home park investing, rehabbing, lease options, private money, rentals, REO’s and property management. Erica owns several passive income properties consisting of single family homes as well as mobile homes. She was fortunate enough to learn about the mobile home industries from one of her mentors Lonnie Scruggs. In 2012 Erica became co-owner of CTM Property Management and is also a licensed property manager in charge. Erica grew up in West Virginia and attended the University of Charleston on a soccer scholarship. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. Prior to real estate investing Erica was an accomplished Interior Designer. She worked on large projects all over the country for Marriott Vacation Club, Bank of New York, IBM, Nautica, University of Central Florida and Eli Lilly.

Guylaine Parthenais

Guylaine Parthenais has been an active real estate investor for over 25 yrs in Ontario, Canada. She joined Fortune Builders in 2012 as a Mastery Student and Inner Circle member. Guylaine joined our coaching team in early 2015 and has experience in rehabbing, raising private money, rental properties. She enjoys motivating new students/couples in getting things done while keeping a good work/life balance. As a “Franco-Ontarienne”, Guylaine also gets to assist French speaking students if that is the language they prefer to be coached in.

Harry Naill

Harry has been investing in real estate for over 15 years and has been a Real Estate Broker for the last 30. Harry owns and manages more than 35 residential tenants and 35 garage/storage units. Harry specializes in raw land, subdivisions, marketing and rental properties and loves to teach and mentor on each of these real estate niches. Harry has an awesome marketing phone number ,1-800-WILL-PAY, and truly believes that having a great phone number and domain name is very helpful for everyone’s business. Harry was born and raised in York PA and he is business partners with his wife Michelle, who is the company’s CFO. Harry also has three children Colton, Tyler and Samantha and has two incredible German Shepherds. Some activities that Harry enjoys, include hunting ,saltwater fishing, volleyball and boating

Josh Hanson

Josh Hanson is a licensed real estate agent in the state of Michigan and an active real estate investor. He has been in Mastery since 2012 and became a Mastery coach in 2018. Josh and his team complete several transactions a year and continue to grow and learn each day. They utilize private money on all of their projects and continue to build quality and lasting relationships with all parties they work with. What makes Josh different is that throughout his career, he has pursued many opportunities for continuous improvement and professional development to better serve his clients, investors and students. Learning alongside other real estate experts by participating in various forms of training, has equipped Josh with vast knowledge in the field. This has afforded him a unique ability to bring a creative and tactical edge in today’s fast-pace market. Josh is married to his amazing wife, Kendra, and the two of them have two wonderful boys, Brady and Jayce. Josh enjoys sports, the outdoors, and recreation with family and friends. Josh is a man of faith whose passion it is to serve others. Coaching youth sports and serving in his church are some ways that he is able to fulfill his passion.

Lane Schloeder

Lane Schloeder started investing in real estate in 1990 with buy and holds in CA. His company, Tristate Properties & Development is currently doing business in CA and NY and has real estate holdings in half a dozen states and lends on projects throughout the US. They have been involved with dozens of real estate transactions, including rehabs, wholesales, pre-habs, private money lending deals, owner finance, subject to, short sales, listings, 1031 exchange and rental property management. Lane joined Fortunebuilders as a student in 2012, and has been a coach and mentor for other investors since 2013. Prior to his real estate career he built and still operates a Veterinary practice, specializing in race horses. Lane and his wife and business partner Christina are parents of a wonderful daughter and involved with their community and church.

Tammy Merk

Tammy Merk began investing in real estate in 2008 in the South Florida area and has done countless transactions that include auction properties, foreclosures, REO’s, rehabs, wholesales, and private money lending. Tammy joined FortuneBuilders in 2014 and got her Real Estate agent license in 2015. Prior to her real estate career Tammy was an Electrical Engineer and a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) for 15 years working for Fortune 500 companies such as Intel, Motorola, Siemens, and Office Depot. She later focused on strategy and process implementation, helping large corporate clients such as ADT security realign portfolios after their Tyco divestiture. Tammy and her husband absolutely love sharing their knowledge and experience to help others, and they love to give back to their community and church. They volunteer and serve on the development board with Big Children’s Foundation who help provide hope for at risk youth, and also with “4Kids” of South Florida and “His Caring Place” who are helping to solve the severe orphan crisis in Florida. Tammy was a trainer/speaker at the 2015 Real Estate Ignite event in Las Vegas and Tammy also did the Tuesday Case Study training where she went through the first two deals she ever did as a Mastery Student wholesaling for the first time!

Tim Rosenthal

Tim presently lives and runs his real estate investment company and real estate brokerage, New Light Real Estate, in Buffalo, New York. Tim worked in the corporate world for 13 years with General Motors before leaving to start his own real estate company. He has also been a licensed real estate broker for the past 17 years. He has owned and managed traditional multi-unit rentals and has gained experience in the short term rental market as an owner and operator of properties listed with Airbnb. Outside of rentals, Tim focuses on single family rehabs, wholesaling, mobile home investing, short sale deals and raising private money through the use of self-directed IRAs. Tim is a FortuneBuilders Mastery graduate and has been coaching with FortuneBuilders since 2012. He is a college graduate from Medaille University. Prior to getting involved in real estate, Tim worked in the corporate world as a team lead at General Motors.

Wayne Evers

Wayne Evers is a Certified Professional Performance Coach. Coach Evers is a retired Naval Officer who has been active in real estate investing since 1985. He been a licensed Real Estate Professional in Florida for the last 12 years and is the Broker/Owner of Evers Realty, LLC, a brokerage that focuses on all aspects of real estate with an emphasis on real estate investing. Coach Evers is proficient in Wholesaling, Short Sales, Foreclosures, Rental or Passive Income Properties and Tax Lien/Tax Deeds. Coach Evers enjoys helping people attain their goals, especially in the real estate arena. He takes pride in his ability to teach and help others learn through his own experiences. On a philanthropic note, Coach Evers gives back to the community through the guardianship of two profoundly disabled adults and is a member of the Knights of Columbus Catholic Men’s Organization. Additionally, he also enjoys working to improve needy communities (especially Blythe) through his expertise and resources in construction.

William Shield

William Shield has been in the FortuneBuilders Mastery Program since 2009 and and a active investor since 1980 with a multi-million portfolio in real estate assets. He also owns and manages a residential and commercial real estate office, a mortgage brokerage firm in the Northern California market and supervises a property management division. His previous experience includes posts as a NASD registered principal for a securities firm, CFO of a real estate syndication firm, manager of a vegetable farm in Saudi Arabia and teacher at the secondary level. He is a graduate of St. Mary’s College of California, holds a life teaching credential, is an active investor, a registered tax preparer and is registered with the National Mortgage Licensing Service. He makes his home in the San Francisco bay area.